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Why It Makes Sense to Buy Genuine, OEM Straps for your Watch

Posted on October 13 2018

Its funny, you would think that after buying a high-end watch between $2000-$100,000 (or more!) one would have no problem spending an extra couple hundred dollars on a genuine strap for their timepiece. However, through my experience in the watch industry, it seems that there is a percentage of the watch community that refuses to spend money on authentic straps, buckles, or other accessories for their expensive wristwatch. If you consider yourself to be in the above category, the goal of this blog post is to change your mind. Here are 2 reasons why it makes sense to spend the extra money when your in the mood to change up the look of your watch.

1) "You Get What You Pay For"- No matter what your into, we've all heard this saying before. The bottom line is that if you want a quality accessory to compliment your beautiful timepiece, your going to have to pay for it. There is no comparison between an aftermarket alligator strap versus an Audemars Piguet Hornback Alligator strap. Yes, the AP strap can cost upwards of $600 new, but I guarantee you can't beat the quality, feel, or fit of it on your Royal Oak Offshore. To further my point, a friend of mine recently purchased a Breitling Navitimer with a cheap green leather strap on it. While the watch was a beauty, the knockoff leather was already cracking and super brittle. This ruined the wearability of the watch and my buddy immediately contacted me to get a hold of the original blue leather 24mm strap it came with. While it cost a few hundred bucks more for the OEM strap, my buddy has no regrets in spending the extra money. The Breitling strap completed the overall look of the watch, was much higher quality, and was way more comfortable to wear than the cheap China counterfeit version he bought it with.

2) "Sell Your Watch Faster"- Its no secret that the timepiece industry is in a tough spot right now. Giant companies like Richemont Group have seen profits cut by 43 percent over the last year, and for the first time in history Cartier bought back timepieces from dealers that weren't selling. The reason? There is so much supply of high-end watches on the grey market right now that demand is at historic lows. This could mean trouble for many collectors when they go to sell their watch on the market. However, selling your Rolex Daytona with its original strap, deployant buckle, and triple box will set your piece apart from the rest of the market- resulting in a quick sale and the ability to purchase the next timepiece you have your eye on.

I hope you found this article informative when it comes to INVESTING in OEM straps. The same logic can be applied to purchasing buckles, bracelets, boxes, and more for your high-end watch. With hundreds of items in stock and clients from all over the world, feel free to get in touch with us the next time your thinking of making a purchase.

Your wrist will thank you for spending the extra money on a genuine strap- I guarantee it!


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